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Homes for Sale O'Fallon, IL and Shiloh, IL

Homes for Sale O’Fallon, IL and Shiloh, IL

It stands to reason that one of the St Louis Metro East area’s most frequent searches on Zillow or other IDX listings is “houses for sale in O Fallon Il.” The town which straddles the Hwy 64 Corridor has seen booming growth over the past few decades.

Following the development of St Clair Square, a mall in Fairview Heights, IL, a few miles to west of the city businesses began expanding toward O’Fallon throughout the 80’s and 90’s until the commercial extensions of both towns essentially blended into one another. Car dealerships wishing to locate near the interstate were happy to set up shop on the annexed area on O’Fallon’s east side providing a substantive tax base for the town. And soon, O’Fallon builders began developing areas around the town.

Commercial development can be its own kind of marketing. It’s highly visible, it generates high volumes of traffic, it appears to many a “progress,” and it glitters. As a result, everyone in the area began talking about O’Fallon, IL. After all, unlike the strictly commercial Fairview Heights, the little town to the had its own history, a charming downtown and established housing stock.

Scott Air Force Base Housing Near O’Fallon

Pretty soon, O’Fallon became the place where officers and enlisted employed at the areas local Air Force base began settling down. Scott AFB housing in the small town led to its expansion and growth. But there are those who sometimes see the march of progress and all that glitters around it and they choose to do their own thing – to go their own way.

Back in 2004 CNR Homes began building in areas a bit more off the crowded commercial path. We located our convenient Scott family housing in the nearby communities of Shiloh, Illinois, Mascoutah, Illinois and Lebanon, Illinois.

We understood then what is apparent now: people who understand longterm value are willing to dig a little deeper and locate in neighborhoods that will maintain value for single family homes. Sometimes the first neighborhood or town you come to after exiting the interstate might not be poised to hold its value over the long haul.

Our custom homes in Shiloh, IL, are located a bit farther off the interstate highway, but they are located in an area where commercial development is present but not obtrusive, where the school districts are strong but where their stability makes them stronger, where access to amenities such as running and cycling trails, retail and access to major highways is easily available but won’t interfere with the life you want for your family.

Our new homes in Mascoutah, IL provide easy access to Scott AFB, St Louis and nearby towns, but enshroud you in a the history of a stable community where life is a little more tranquil.

Likewise, our custom homes in Lebanon, IL offer a lifestyle that is semi-rural nestled in a University town with clean air, cobblestone streets and friendly neighbors.

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CNR Homes is a family owned and operated custom home builder building personal, non commercial homes in Mascoutah, Shiloh, Lebanon, O’Fallon, Breese, Nashville, Freeburg, etc. Founded by Chad and Rachel Murphy in 2004, CNR Homes provides custom homes, as well as homes ready to move in. We have space available in amazing developments like The Villages of Wingate, Crown Pointe, Knolls of Century Oaks, Tuscany Ridge and the brand new Meadow Pines Estates!

Our work begins long before it’s time to break ground. We work with lenders to get our client’s the best financing. We also handle appraisers and inspectors and handle all permits. From the moment you decide it’s time to build until the moment you walk through the front door, we’ll be there for you.

Our custom homes are passion projects. We create the plans with you, and give you the guidance to choose every important detail of your home. Contact us to meet up and to schedule an open house of one of our current custom projects.